Packages & Pricing

Every project we do is different, and therefore, it’s impossible for us to apply a flat rate to any production. However, having been a client of many services, we understand that it’s very difficult, even annoying, to have to buy a service or product without having some sense of what it’s going to cost. Rest assured that we would never proceed with a project unless the client had agreed to a detailed estimate up front, one that would be based on preliminary discussions of what specifically the client wants and expects in the end product. Having said that, we can suggest a range of prices for what we think various clients might ask for.


$ 5,000 – 10,000

Per Month

A simple package which includes the interview, titles, and 5-7 photos appropriately interspersed in the dialogue… roughly, a 30-minute program.



$ 16,000 – PRICELESS

Per Month

A deluxe package which includes the interview, titles, photos and film/video B-roll (some to be shot specifically — such as, a shot of the house where the subject grew up, or went to school), music, and one or two other “testimonial” interview clips (e.g., an old friend, or a grandchild, shot in a different location)… roughly a 45-50 minute program, similar to a “Biography Channel” piece.


For an additional price, we could also include a separate “photo appendix”: wherein the subject describes some special old snapshots (e.g. “this is a shot of the family at the cottage on Lake Rosseau, around 1955… that’s our dog, Muffy… she was wonderful…”)… $3,000 – $5,000 depending on volume.


* Estimated pricing does not include travel costs outside the Greater Toronto Area, or applicable taxes. These would be included in a formal estimate of the project.