Process: What We Do

Here’s what you can expect from us, from the outset to the delivery of the final “product”.

FYI, we don’t intend to sell ourselves by proactively contacting anyone. After an initial announcement of the launch of our service, we hope and believe our business will grow and succeed by word-of-mouth. So…

  • Assuming you’ve contacted us, we will be pleased to have an initial telephone conversation to discuss the possibility of doing a PVB for you. There is no cost for this conversation.
  • Then we would want to sit down with you and the subject (both together, and separately with the subject), for a preliminary discussion about the subject’s life, and what specific things we might wish to cover.
  • Once these options have been decided upon, we will produce an outline and a formal quotation for your consideration. Because of the time required for the meeting, further research, and preparation of the outline and detailed quotation, we will charge $500 for this work, which you must agree in advance to pay. If the project proceeds, this fee will be waived.

The timeline on each project is always variable, but can be as little as two weeks for a simple production, or perhaps two months depending on complexity or unforeseen delays.