Much as we’d like to show clips from productions we’ve done, we will not do so because our clients’ stories are personal and confidential.

However, the following three samples (featuring Jim Deeks), will give you a good idea of how our “Essential” and “Deluxe” productions differ. (For more details on pricing, click here.)

Sample No. 1 – Essential

This clip shows a basic interview, with titles and limited photographic inserts.

Sample No. 2 – Deluxe

This is a short version of a Deluxe edit, which includes titles, music, photos, and both stock and archive film to embellish the narrative. Where possible, we might also include comments from family or friends of the subject.

Sample No. 3 – Deluxe extended

If you have the time, watch this extended version of Sample No. 2, to get an even better sense of how we’d expand the narrative.