Genesis of Primary Counsel Productions

Primary Counsel Productions (PCP) is a division of Primary Counsel Group Inc., a corporate public relations firm established by James Deeks, in 1997. PCP has been formed in 2015, for the sole purpose of producing personal video biographies.

We are not the first production company to produce video biographies, but our goal is to be the best one in Canada. And our unique selling proposition is Jim Deeks’s experience as a broadcast journalist and producer, and television program host, with extensive experience in interviewing some of Canada’s most prominent personalities. Jim is currently the Executive Producer and Co-Host of Toronto Files with Burstyn & Deeks, broadcast weekly on RogersTV Toronto. Jim and his colleague Helen Burstyn interview noted Torontonians about their lives and their professions.

A lifelong Torontonian, Jim is personally acquainted with many of the guests he and Helen have on their show, and with clients with whom he will collaborate on their (or their parents’) personal video biographies. Jim has a deep appreciation of the history of Toronto, and the prominent people and families who have helped shape the city. He has a genuine interest in encouraging and helping these successful and revered Torontonians to record and preserve their life stories, memories and anecdotes for future generations of their families, and perhaps, future historians.

Jim often asks clients “don’t you wish you could see a film of your great, great grandfather or grandmother, talking about their lives and the times they lived in? Well, think of your great great grandchildren… and generations beyond them. If everyone recorded their lives on video, think of how much clearer our understanding of our family heritages and social histories would be…”

Primary Counsel Group Inc.

Primary Counsel Productions is a division of Primary Counsel Group Inc., which was established in 1997 as a corporate public relations company, and continues to operate as a sole proprietorship in that capacity. PCG has had over 100 prominent clients over the years, and a very solid reputation for sound advice and excellent execution.

It was on that reputation, and name recognition, that we decided to use the Primary Counsel name for our new personal video biography business. The use of the word “primary” is particularly appropriate… because we believe it’s of primary importance that family members pass on to future generations their life experiences, a sense of who they were and whether their “genes” and personalities may have survived and evolved in their descendants.

We hope you’ll allow us to help you put your life into the context it deserves.